Raw food is often more healthy because it still contains all the nutrients that nature intended.  Also, many enzymes which aid digestion are sensitive to heat meaning they are often destroyed by cooking. High temperatures as in cooking also destroy protein and many vitamins.  It is therefore advisable to incorporate raw fruits and vegetables into your  diet. Raw ingredients are also an important source of fibre which aids digestion.

Off course there are salads, but why not try this delicious recipe?

Simple Green Smoothie

Recipe makes 3/4 medium glasses (Approx 250ml), Total cost Kshs. 565





Spinach / Kale 1 bunch 25/- per bunch
Pineapple 1 cup 150/- per piece (Large 2kg pineapple)
Watermelon 1 cup 80/- per kg (Approx 320/- for medium size melon)
Green/ Red apple 1 pc 30/- each
Bananas 2 pc 80/- per kg (Approx 10/- each)
Fresh strawberries (optional) 1/2 cup 200/- per pack
Sesame Seeds 1/2 cup in 1 cup water N/A
2 cups spring water/ filtered water

*N/A = Not YET available at Mboga Masters


  1. Wash ingredients thoroughly with clean water
  2. Mix veggies and water into your blender and puree (make a smooth, slightly thick mixture)
  3. Add all diced fruit and seeds and blend for about 2 minutes on high speed
  4. Enjoy your thick, TASTY glass of health!

Refreshing health in 3 easy steps!